Hi there! I’m Abs Lee, I’m not a Team. I work alone in my humble studio trying to find my happiness in life and in work. I’m a petite female/woman helmet airbrush artist/illustrator/designer based in Malaysia. Aside from painting helmets, I occasionally paint and design on other creative projects as well.

I was a graduate of Fashion and Retail and was in the Fashion industry for 9 years. Since young, I have always had an interest in arts. In 2009, I formed my first brand; ABSoluteLEE ME which specialises in illustrations, paintings and characters design. However in 2012, I had found a fond for the art of airbrushing. In 2014, I had finally took up the courage to establish AbsLee Design to further realise my love for motorsports art and especially specialising in helmet designs and paintwork. 

abslee design

Let me do a brief introduction to my logo. My Surname is my inspiration for my Logo. My Surname is LEE, the logo you see “ ” represents LEE in Chinese Character. Abs is a short form name many of my friends or customers call me since many many years back. For those who knew me personally will know what Abs stands for.

I also have a YouTube Channel : AbsLee Design & Illustration

Why is it called AbsLee Design & Illustration?

AbsLee is a combination of Abs and Lee and my Channel is called AbsLee Design & Illustration because in my Channel is where Abs Lee (me) introduces my Design and Illustration.

My Channel is not a tutorial Channel but instead it is more for viewing pleasure, sharing of my artworks and day to day life of me as a painter. Please feel free to subscribe! Thank you very much!


Abs Lee