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Livery Design

A teams’ image is as important as the teams’ results as it plays a vital role for your team to stand out among the rest in the grid, that is to be outstanding and appreciated by fans and sponsors. A race is also where your team will be spotted by potential sponsors, thus looking proffesional is always important.

In AbsLee Design, we work closely with our customers to understand the team image that they are looking for and also the sponsors they are working with to achieve the directions they want to ensure they looked the best in a race. We provide from bikes cover set design to back drop design to pit equipments design.

Contact us for more infos on how we can collaborate to achieve your desired team image.

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Helmet Design

Your helmet protects you as you race, your helmet speaks for you as you race too as a helmet is part of a racers’ identity. When you race, your helmet would be the second most photographed from your race bike or car.

In AbsLee Design, our custom helmet designs are carefully crafted while working closely with our customers to meet their desired design and painted with the most precision to details from the heart.

Contact us for more infos on design, paint and finishing options.

Prices varies depending on design complexity so do feel free to contact us for a quote and more infos.

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